If you have ever wondered what an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is and whether or not you should be wearing one we can help you answer those questions!

Insulin pumps provide insulin to the body through indivdualized settings and can be one of the best ways to manage fluctuating blood glucose levels for any person managing diabetes with multiple daily injections of insulin and can greatly improve quality of life while adding much more flexibility to life's demanding schedules.

Our certified pump trainers wear pumps and continuous glucose monitors and can discuss the multitude of pump options available and train you on the pump that fits your lifestyle the most effectively.   Normally there is no out of pocket cost to you for the initial training sessions.  For those who want additional training to further fine-tune their device settings, we offer several continuing education packages at affordable costs.

Our Pump Trainers are certified to train on the following insulin pumps:

Accucheck Combo
Tandem Diabetes T-Slim

Since the first Continuous Glucose Montoring device became available to the public in 2006, many have personally seen the benefit of being able to "see" their glucose levels more than 2-8 times per day!   And, due to high and low level alarms that can be set on each monitor, the incidences of hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic events can be greatly reduced while overall glucose levels can be brought into near normal ranges.

There are several CGM devices currently on the market and our educators are certified to train on each of them.                 

Minimed Enlite


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